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Pain Genie Video Testimonials

Please watch our video testimonials which demonstrate the various range of conditions that can be helped with the Pain Genie Scenar.

India - back and stomach pain

Back and stomach pain improved - Corbett Tiger Reserve, India..

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India - Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain relief enabling much easier driving...

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India - Sprained ankle pain

Sprained ankle jumping off a bus, unable to put weight on the left foot. After 5-10 minutes of treatment, able to walk again without pain after a further 2 minutes...

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Ankle injury (Djibril Cisse)

Some of the best physios and medical care could not get Djibril Cisse back to 100% fitness after an ankle injury. A quick 10 minute treatment from the Pain Genie gets him out of pain and back to full fitness...

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Dr Jan Beute MD - Doncaster A and E Dept

Dr Jan Beute a hard pressed A&E Medical doctor buys a Pain Genie from our site via the internet and uses our simple perfected techniques on the DVD and members area to amazing effect on the frontline!..

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Ligament and general pain relief

A nurse from Donegal gives her account of the many ways she has used the Pain Genie to resolve pain and deal with injuries...

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Paul L

In 2004, I developed frozen shoulder symptoms in both shoulders and tried several therapies with barely any result. From the first Scenar session with Richard, .. Read More ›

Stephanie D-A, Lewes

The pain in my hip built for months until it was agony. I had pethedine injections and went on morphine and several other drugs. After collapsing at work and un.. Read More ›

Suzi Tsoi

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for 10 years working with a variety of individuals with different types of health problems from acute back prob.. Read More ›

Lev G. Fedyniak, Medical Doctor

If I told you about a device that takes away pain, speeds the healing of all kinds of wounds, tears, and fractures, and that is also effective in circulatory, r.. Read More ›


I suffered from a pain in my shoulder for over 2 years, caused by heavy lifting. I had previously used a tens machine which helped the pain but not the problem... Read More ›

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