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Sports Injuries

Pain Genie Scenar, Sports Fitness and Injuries

The Pain Genie Scenar is extremely effective with sports and exercise injuries, speeding up recovery times for muscles and ligaments that are painfully overstretched, sprained, or torn. It is now a preferred treatment for increasing numbers of top sportsmen, ballet dancers, musicians and other celebrities.Over the last 15 years we have perfected simple techniques that massively accelerate healing, short circuit pain and cut healing times to a fraction of what is thought normally possible.

There have been many reported health benefits of using Scenar therapy . So much so athletes around the world are now using the therapy not only following injury, but as an integral part of their training to keep them in peak condition prior to an event. Sports injuries recover particularly well as the time taken for muscles, ligaments and tendons that have been torn, sprained and overused are significantly reduced, enabling you to return to training and competition much earlier than usual.

Perhaps the most well known effect among athletes is the Pain Genie's ability to accelerate the healing of acute injuries. It has been shown that the sooner  treatment begins after an injury, the quicker the return to training or competition will be.

Ideal for any type of pain, it is particularly effective in treating acute or chronic pain caused by sport injuries. Most injuries from sports and exercise will respond fast to this treatment. Some of the most common are:

  • sprained ankle or twisted knee
  • tendonitis or bursitis
  • torn ligaments
  • broken ankle, wrist, leg or arm
  • ruptured achilles tendon
  • rotator cuff tear
  • torn hamstring or quadricep muscles
  • tennis and golfer's elbow

The Pain Genie Scenar for fast accident recovery

This therapy , together with our 'fusion health' techniques can significantly reduce recovery times after a wide range of accidents, traumas, and surgery, including burns and fractures (see Fractures). In fact, even when injuries necessitate plaster casts, splints, bandages and reconstructive surgery, this therapy (see our members area and testimonials) will still massively decrease pain and recovery time from injury. We have been doing this successfully for 15 years and have treated and shown world class sportsman and sports teams how to treat themselves. Many top level sportsmen and women do not want it known that they are using our 'fusion health' technology because it gives them a huge edge over the competition. Some , like Djibril Cisse have embraced our expertise and technology, and have asked us to demonstrate and treat friends and 'team members'.

The injury can be treated successfully at almost any point, sometimes decades afterwards. However, the most dramatic effects can be seen with acute injuries when applied within the first few hours or days after an accident. For recent soft tissue injuries, depending on the severity of the injury, pain and inflammation are often gone in minutes.

At the 2000 Olympics the Australian Team were intrigued by the Russian Team’s ability to recover from injury and from intense training to win their 32 Gold medals, coming 2nd only to the USA. Their ‘secret weapon’ was the device originally developed for the Russian space programme and used only by the country’s political and sporting elite.

Whether you are getting fit, preparing for events, or need to recover fast from injury, the Pain Genie gives you the edge!


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